Cannabis Industry in The US

For the longest time cannabis has been banned in many countries due to the effect it causes to human beings. It is termed as a drug since the presence of THC in the plant consists of high psychoactive effect which affects the normal functioning of human’s brains. With time a lot of physicians have done different researchers regarding the plant where it was discovered that some components from the plant have significant benefits to human beings health in general. One of the most significant components extracted from marijuana is CBD. CBD has no psychoactive effect on human brains and instead to improves the body well being. After several tests on animals and human beings, CBD was legalized in the US. Other places where the use of cannabis is legal to include Colorado, Maine, California and also Nevada just to name a few.

Rules governing the use of marijuana in the US

Although the use of marijuana has been legalized due to various health benefits, the use and possessions are hugely governed by the American FDA. First off for a patient to access the treatment of marijuana they have to have a recommendation letter or the marijuana card from the doctor. The Doctor screens and tests the patient to know if he or she is fit to receive the medical marijuana treatment and if the results are positive, the patient is issued with a marijuana card which allows them to receive treatments from any pharmacy.

Other rules that governed the use of marijuana in US include :

  • The edible products that are made with cannabis must be produced in small servings of not more than 100 ml of THC.
  • Only a person with a card or the recommendation letter from the doctor or the local authority should receive medical marijuana treatment.
  •  The medical marijuana card is renewed every year, and once it expires, the patient cannot be given any medication until they replace it.
  • Also, no cannabis business should be established near any school or academic institution.

Some patients are allowed to grow marijuana plants at home, but they should not exceed more than 12 plants.

Benefits associated with the use of Cannabis

Cannabis is used for treating a wide range of diseases like :

Relief pains

Patients suffering from chronic diseases and other pains are treated with the use of marijuana.


CBD from cannabis is filled with relaxing and soothing effects which enable a person to have a relaxed mind thus allowing you to sleep well at night.


People suffering from HIV/AID and cancer are also prescribed with medical marijuana dosage to increase their appetite.

Social anxiety

If you are unable to give a speech in front of large crowds, you can ease the anxiety by having a dosage of cannabis prescribed to you. Research shows that CBD improves the courage of an individual with about 90 percent thus enabling them to speak well.


Although FDA has not entirely legalized the use of cannabis in the US and its environs, the drug can still be used for various medical purposes as long it does not have the presence of the THC. The patients have to be tested and vetted by a doctor before they are issued with a card for accessing the treatment from the different medical outlets in the US.