Cannabis Law in Portugal

portugal government

The Portuguese government last month approved the creation of an up-and-coming medical cannabis sector

Summer weather conditions and low operating costs have raised concerns among medical cannabis producing countries. The emerging medical cannabis market in Portugal appears to be attracting the world’s largest cannabis companies.

The future Portugal market leader

While the leaders of the sector have been waiting patiently for a month, concern has begun to increase… Moreover, mainly following the approval by the Portuguese parliament of the new law on medical cannabis. Indeed, the state decided to enter the cannabis industry as a producer and distributor.

In Germany and the Netherlands, cannabis is mainly produced in closed facilities. Moreover, so the costs remain very high. Portugal is a country with a climate similar to that of Israel and California. This increases the fear of losing the enormous potential for cannabis-producing countries.

Moreover, in Portugal, the standards required for the cultivation and production of medical cannabis are less stringent than in those countries. Most importantly, land, equipment and labor costs are much lower.

Under the new law, companies can grow, produce and produce cannabis and its products for commercial purposes and sale to pharmacies.

A year ago, tilray, the successful Canadian cannabis company, began the creation of a complex for the cultivation, production, packaging, and distribution of medical cannabis from Portugal. Millions of dollars have been invested in a project that will cover the entire eurozone, and which should provide products to millions of patients on the continent…

As reported in 2001, Portugal abolished criminalization of all types of drugs. However, the country has not approved the legal sale of cannabis for recreational purposes. An attempt to allow cannabis growth at the national level for patients was unsuccessful… Finally, the approved law came out in a format similar to that of Israel.