Vaporization reduces the risk of tobacco dependence

vaping cannabis in 2018

One recent study just found that vaporized marijuana can reduce the risk of developing nicotine addiction, to tobacco, for a joint smoker.

Vaporization VS tobacco use

The study was published in addiction last year. Cannabis users who choose to vaporize their cannabis, and no longer smoke it, are less likely to be addicted to cigarettes (tobacco).

Vaping, much more than a simple fashion

To vaporize cannabis, you will need to heat the flower (head) between 250° f and 400° f. Besides, overheating cannabis will result in burning the material. Moreover, once cannabis is in combustion, it begins to release compounds like benzene. As well as tar and other compounds related to cancer of the throat, lungs, mouth, etc….

Decrease or even disappearance of cancer risks

By vaping marijuana, you reduce the harms associated with tobacco use. This while receiving a large number of medical services. However, despite this, only 8% of 30,000 respondents reported using a vaporizer. Vaporization is currently the best way to prevent the harms of cannabis use… Also, the study made several observations that could shed light on how vaporization of cannabis leads to a decrease in nicotine dependence.

Nicotine addiction

Regular smokers are more sensitive to nicotine addiction, because of this mixture of cigarette tobacco. In Europe, the joint is the most common way of using cannabis.

A tobacco joint…

The regular consumption of joint is directly related to nicotine dependence. This was demonstrated by a study published in the same journal in 2005. Thus, regular cannabis use (joint) increases the likelihood that people 24 years of age or older will become highly addicted to tobacco, 3x more than a regular cigarette smoker.

The old cliche of cigarettes, now totally outdated…

The study concluded that weekly cannabis use. Moreover, more during adolescence and adulthood is associated with an increased risk of late initiation to smoking. This is the beginning of a massive addiction and an increase in nicotine dependence. Also, it is interesting to note that vaporizing was not an option for marijuana users at the time this study was conducted.

Disconnection between tobacco & marijuana

The 2015 study found that out of 96 people only two reported ever having combined tobacco and cannabis in their vaporizers. Researchers believe that the use of vaporizers can lead to a disconnect between marijuana and tobacco…

Once tobacco addiction sets in, getting rid of it becomes an insurmountable task. The best way to fight tobacco addiction is to ensure that the urge never returns. Moreover, smoking is currently the second biggest killer in the world (in this case in the united states), one can only be for the vaporization of cannabis because it leads to a definite decrease in this dependence on tobacco, which is the leitmotif of medical cannabis.

Vaporization, virtue of medical cannabis…

Far too few, if any doctors recommend marijuana to patients. This is precisely due to a high risk of addiction when marijuana is associated with tobacco…

Vaporize the full potential of the plant

Vaporization reduces these risks, and drastically reduces the disadvantages and dangers of burning cannabis. Moreover, tobacco disconnects the effects of cannabis, a fatality that deserves to be studied even more in research and at home…If you are looking for a nice cannabis vape to replace your tobacco and joints, make sure you check the mighty storz & bickel!