Welcome to the Sensible Seattle Initiative


Sensible Seattle Initiative would make marijuana possession by adults Seattle’s lowest enforcement priority. The measure would also require the Seattle Police and City Attorney to report all marijuana arrests and prosecutions to an 11-member panel which then reports to the Seattle City Council.

Adults who possess marijuana for personal use aren’t part of the crime problem in Seattle and they don’t deserve to go to jail. Arresting them is a waste of our law enforcement resources and tax dollars that should be spent fighting dangerous crime.

Yes I 75Students who have been convicted of even simple marijuana possession are routinely denied education loans and individuals in minority neighborhoods are unfairly subjected to “drug profiling.”

By passing I-75, Seattle voters will establish sound local law enforcement practices and ensure that Washington State’s future is on the right track for a sensible marijuana policy!

Dear Supporter,

YOUR HELP IS NEEDED RIGHT NOW TO GET I-75 ON THE BALLOT! The campaign must pay for printing, staffing, and other essentials. Can you make a donation to the Sensible Seattle Coalition to support this historic initiative? There are other ways you can help the I-75 campaign, such as volunteering to go out and gather signatures. Thank you for your support.


The Sensible Seattle Coalition

The Sensible Seattle Coalition has been endorsed by:

  • League of Women Voters
  • Jeanne Kohl-Welles, State Senator
  • Nick Licata, Seattle City Councilmember
  • Judy Nicastro, Seattle City Councilmember
  • Larry Gossett, King County Councilmember
  • Roger Goodman, King County Bar Association Drug Policy Project
  • Green Party of Seattle
  • King County Young Democrats
  • 36th District Green Party
  • Seattle Gay News
  • Humanists of Washington
  • Joe McGee, Executive Director IFPTE 17
  • Ruth Bennett, Candidate for 37th Dist. State Rep.
  • Robert Hill
  • John Rothschild
  • Cleveland Stockmeyer, Attorney
  • Richard Smith, Attorney
  • Kirk W. Robbins
  • Jacqueline Bartells, Executive Director Libertarian Party of WA
  • Chris Caputo
  • Garett Sweany
  • Tim Hinderliter
  • Jim Smith
  • Suzanna I Eskola
  • Darren Bisset, Research Scientist, UW
  • Yaron Goland
  • Marie Garrett
  • Rachel Kurtz
  • Dan Merkle, attorney
  • John Hayden
  • Walt Stawicki
  • Jeffrey Steinborn, attorney
  • Alison Holcomb, attorney
  • George Guttmann
  • Rick Poulin
  • Carla Cole