Our Selection of 5 Portable Vaporizers in 2018

There are many ways to enjoy a little good smoke, but one method for using cannabis is gaining popularity among stoners as well as medical cannabis users these days.

We are of course talking about portable vaporizers.

Even if there is nothing wrong with rolling and smoking a good joint, a portable vaporizer can be a quick, clean and also economical way to enjoy your herbs. With vaporization, lower temperatures are used than with smoking, which causes the evaporation of active compounds such as THC, without the side effects of combustion.

Vapes come in many shapes and sizes, but we want to focus here on portable versions: practical, often pocket-sized and easy to run with friends. Discover our list of favorite portable vaporizers here.

1. Pax 3

pax 3 vapePAX 3 is one of the most popular vaporizers. The design is very futuristic as if it came straight from a science fiction movie. It is available in different metallic colors. A USB charger with a magnetic charger is included. The great thing about PAX 3 is that you can choose the amount packed in the compartment: you have a cover for a full charge and one for a half charge. And PAX 3 can also vaporize the concentrates.

To switch on the device, all you need is one press. When you hold down the power button, you can see the current temperature setting, which you can quickly change. A fantastic feature of PAX 3 is that it heats up very quickly; no need to pull it very hard before the steam starts to come out. It comes with two tips and one application! Yes, you have an application that controls the different settings to customize your vaporization experience. The steam is soft, and you can also use PAX 3 with a bong. Hitting a vaporized bowl of weed is a heavenly feeling!

Learn more about the PAX 3 on this page

2. Storm

The Storm vaporizer, also known as the XMax V2 Pro is an easy-to-use dry herb and concentrate vape that works with dry herbs and oils/resins. With the Storm vaporizer itself, you will receive a USB charger, a brush, tweezers, and a packing tool. The Storm consists of three parts: a tip, a ceramic heating compartment and the battery compartment. Unlike many vaporizers, it is straightforward to replace the battery, which is a big advantage. You turn it on by pressing it 5 times. 5 different colors indicate the battery life.

xmax v2 pro

With the Storm vaporizer itself, you will receive a USB charger, a brush, tweezers, and a packing tool. The Storm consists of three parts: a tip, a ceramic heating compartment and the battery compartment. Unlike many vaporizers, it is effortless to replace the battery, which is a big advantage. You turn it on by pressing it 5 times. 5 different colors indicate the battery life.

3. Magic flight launch box

magic launch boxIt’s an absolute classic! This vaporizer was already there in force long before high-tech vaporizers were created. With its cool wooden design and brands, this vaporizer wins the award for best appearance. The compartment can accommodate a lot of weed, from 0.5g to 1g. This vintage vaporizer works by inserting the weed into the compartment, closing the sliding cover and pushing the battery with your finger. This will heat the weed to create beautiful steam.

The Magic Flight Launch Box comes with a battery charger, batteries, a cleaning brush and glass tip rod and, most impressive, a lifetime warranty. This is proof of the manufacturers’ confidence in their product and therefore of the quality and durability of the Magic Flight Launch Box!

4. O.Penvape Ziggy Marley

If you are looking for a quality vaporizer at an affordable price, the O.penVAPE Ziggy Marley Conscious Party vaporizer will meet your expectations. This beautiful signature vape can contain about 0.3 grams of grass. You must press it three times to turn it on and hold the button down to increase the temperature. It is a dry herb vaporizer that comes with a Micro USB plug, which is used to charge the bowl. It turns red when it charges and green when it has finished loading. When the light stops flashing, you can shoot.

The vaporizer is delivered with cleaning brushes and several grids. The design is beautiful, and it has a woody outer layer and Ziggy’s signature; if you want to vaporize during a Ska or Reggae festival, that’s what you need. Besides, by purchasing this vaporizer, you will support U.R.G.E. which is a non-profit foundation to help children receive an education, among other things.

5. The grasshopper

This vaporizer is cleverly equipped with the discreet features of a ballpoint pen. It is almost impossible to see that it is a vaporizer unless you carefully observe the details. If you like to pull a bar quickly in secret, the Grasshopper heats up extremely fast. You turn it on and one of them.

A cannabis documentary worth watching!

Hello everyone,

Here is a cannabis documentary that we highly recommend to all our readers in 2018!

Cannabis history explained: (introduction)

The geographical origin of cannabis is not certain: the Central Asian plains in the Lake Baikal area for some, the middle region of the Yellow River in China for others, or the Indian foothills of the Himalayas. The oldest archaeological evidence of its use by man has been found in China, in one of the centers of the Neolithic agricultural revolution. Excavations at the Neolithic site of Xianrendong (in Jiangxi, dated 8000 BC) have produced ceramics, some pots decorated with spiral hemp fibers.

The oldest tradition of medical use of hemp also seems Chinese: the plant is one of the three hundred and sixty-five remedies of plant origin described in humanity’s oldest pharmacopoeial treatise to date. The Shen Nung Ben Cao Jing (Emperor Shen Nung’s Treaty of Medicinal Plants), 2737 B.C. does not give a precise therapeutic indication, at least in its original version: analgesic, anti-emetic, laxative… It is funny to note that it is to this same emperor Shen Nung that legend attributes the discovery of another psychotropic plant whose use is now widespread on all continents, tea.

Cannabis was well known to the Scythians, according to the Greek historian Herodotus (450 BC), who described a joint fumigation session that caused the participants to laugh. Since ancient times, the Germanic peoples also cultivated hemp, at least for its fibers – used for clothing and ropes for boats. For example, in Eisenberg, Thuringia, archaeological excavations have uncovered hemp seedlings next to pottery dating back to 5500 BC. The discovery of the oldest pipe in the world in tombs dating from the Bronze Age (1500 BC) in Bad Abbach (Bavaria) suggests that the absorption of psychotropic drugs in the form of inhaled smoke in Europe is well before the discovery of the New World. However, this is not enough to affirm that the former Germans smoked cannabis. On the other hand, it is known that, before the promulgation of the “purity law” (Rheinheitsgebot) in 1516, under the influence of nun Hildegarde de Bingen, many aromatic and psychotropic plants were used to enhance the taste and effects of beer. Hemp is likely to have been one of them.

19th-century copper engravings show that the banks of the Rhine were, at the time, covered with large hemp fields. The hemp plant must undergo partial decomposition for the cellulose fibers to separate from the lignin fibers: this is retting. Immersion of the feet in water speeds up this process.

Vaporization reduces the risk of tobacco dependence

One recent study just found that vaporized marijuana can reduce the risk of developing nicotine addiction, to tobacco, for a joint smoker.

Vaporization VS tobacco use

The study was published in addiction last year. Cannabis users who choose to vaporize their cannabis, and no longer smoke it, are less likely to be addicted to cigarettes (tobacco).

Vaping, much more than a simple fashion

To vaporize cannabis, you will need to heat the flower (head) between 250° f and 400° f. Besides, overheating cannabis will result in burning the material. Moreover, once cannabis is in combustion, it begins to release compounds like benzene. As well as tar and other compounds related to cancer of the throat, lungs, mouth, etc….

Decrease or even disappearance of cancer risks

By vaping marijuana, you reduce the harms associated with tobacco use. This while receiving a large number of medical services. However, despite this, only 8% of 30,000 respondents reported using a vaporizer. Vaporization is currently the best way to prevent the harms of cannabis use… Also, the study made several observations that could shed light on how vaporization of cannabis leads to a decrease in nicotine dependence.

Nicotine addiction

Regular smokers are more sensitive to nicotine addiction, because of this mixture of cigarette tobacco. In Europe, the joint is the most common way of using cannabis.

A tobacco joint…

The regular consumption of joint is directly related to nicotine dependence. This was demonstrated by a study published in the same journal in 2005. Thus, regular cannabis use (joint) increases the likelihood that people 24 years of age or older will become highly addicted to tobacco, 3x more than a regular cigarette smoker.

The old cliche of cigarettes, now totally outdated…

The study concluded that weekly cannabis use. Moreover, more during adolescence and adulthood is associated with an increased risk of late initiation to smoking. This is the beginning of a massive addiction and an increase in nicotine dependence. Also, it is interesting to note that vaporizing was not an option for marijuana users at the time this study was conducted.

Disconnection between tobacco & marijuana

The 2015 study found that out of 96 people only two reported ever having combined tobacco and cannabis in their vaporizers. Researchers believe that the use of vaporizers can lead to a disconnect between marijuana and tobacco…

Once tobacco addiction sets in, getting rid of it becomes an insurmountable task. The best way to fight tobacco addiction is to ensure that the urge never returns. Moreover, smoking is currently the second biggest killer in the world (in this case in the united states), one can only be for the vaporization of cannabis because it leads to a definite decrease in this dependence on tobacco, which is the leitmotif of medical cannabis.

Vaporization, virtue of medical cannabis…

Far too few, if any doctors recommend marijuana to patients. This is precisely due to a high risk of addiction when marijuana is associated with tobacco…

Vaporize the full potential of the plant

Vaporization reduces these risks, and drastically reduces the disadvantages and dangers of burning cannabis. Moreover, tobacco disconnects the effects of cannabis, a fatality that deserves to be studied even more in research and at home…If you are looking for a nice cannabis vape to replace your tobacco and joints, make sure you check the mighty storz & bickel!

Corona is moving into the Legal Cannabis Industry!

The Corona beer manufacturer, constellation brands, has invested $4 billion in the Canadian cannabis producer, canopy growth

Alcohol giant constellation brands, the manufacturer of the Corona brand, is investing $4 billion in one of Canada’s largest cannabis producers. Constellation Brands has just completed the largest cannabis contract in history, buying 38% of the Canadian giant canopy growth.

The biggest contract in the history of cannabis

Constellation Brands, among the first significant alcohol companies to invest in the marijuana industry, also injected nearly $200 million into canopy last year. The purpose of the agreement was to produce a non-alcoholic drink based on cannabis. Canopy growth will use the profits to expand its activities to 30 countries likely to approve medical marijuana, said the company’s CEO, Bruce Linton, according to Reuters.

“It’s rocket fuel,” Linton said. “We’re going to be much more global.”

We knew this had to happen.

In the face of slowing sales, the alcohol industry is adding cannabis as an advanced ingredient to its brewing. Because a growing number of people are choosing to fight whiskey and other spirits these days.

For example, Molson Coors brewing co. Has started a joint venture with hydropothecary corp. To develop cannabis-impregnated soft drinks for the Canadian market. Lagunitas, owned by Heineken, launched a non-alcoholic drink, infused with THC. However, their efforts will bear fruit if the stock market is an indication. Canopy’s Canadian shares jumped 52% after the announcement.

How does this translate in the American market?

Linton of canopy predicted that cannabis could become entirely legal in the united states. Moreover, “Sooner than people think”…

These companies face a formidable obstacle in the trump administration. Perhaps more specifically with attorney general jeff sessions, who for decades has made cannabis one of his main enemies. Trump seemed to move slightly on the issue when he announced that he would allow states to regulate their medical cannabis programs.

Cannabis Law in Portugal

The Portuguese government last month approved the creation of an up-and-coming medical cannabis sector

Summer weather conditions and low operating costs have raised concerns among medical cannabis producing countries. The emerging medical cannabis market in Portugal appears to be attracting the world’s largest cannabis companies.

The future Portugal market leader

While the leaders of the sector have been waiting patiently for a month, concern has begun to increase… Moreover, mainly following the approval by the Portuguese parliament of the new law on medical cannabis. Indeed, the state decided to enter the cannabis industry as a producer and distributor.

In Germany and the Netherlands, cannabis is mainly produced in closed facilities. Moreover, so the costs remain very high. Portugal is a country with a climate similar to that of Israel and California. This increases the fear of losing the enormous potential for cannabis-producing countries.

Moreover, in Portugal, the standards required for the cultivation and production of medical cannabis are less stringent than in those countries. Most importantly, land, equipment and labor costs are much lower.

Under the new law, companies can grow, produce and produce cannabis and its products for commercial purposes and sale to pharmacies.

A year ago, tilray, the successful Canadian cannabis company, began the creation of a complex for the cultivation, production, packaging, and distribution of medical cannabis from Portugal. Millions of dollars have been invested in a project that will cover the entire eurozone, and which should provide products to millions of patients on the continent…

As reported in 2001, Portugal abolished criminalization of all types of drugs. However, the country has not approved the legal sale of cannabis for recreational purposes. An attempt to allow cannabis growth at the national level for patients was unsuccessful… Finally, the approved law came out in a format similar to that of Israel.

Therapeutic cannabis to treat autism ?

UC San Diego scientists are researching whether cannabidiol can relieve symptoms of children with autism. They received a donation of $4.7 million for this project.


The precise causes of autism remain unknown. But the brains of people with autism have abnormalities, such as a decrease in the amount of serotonin available, a molecule involved in mood control. Cannabidiol (CBD), extracted from cannabis, has effects on the central nervous system that may be of interest to autistic patients. For example, CBD promotes the activity of endocannabinoids, neurotransmitters involved in mood, memory, and other cognitive processes.

The Medical Cannabis Research Center, located at the University of California at San Diego, received a major donation from the Ray and Tye Noorda Foundation to support its work. This sum is intended for research into treatments using cannabinoids to relieve the symptoms of children suffering from severe autism.

A clinical trial to evaluate the value of cannabidiol

Igor Grant, professor of psychiatry and director of the research center, explained in a statement that “The most severe manifestations of autism are difficult to treat, pushing parents to seek non-traditional cures. Some unconfirmed data suggest that cannabidiol may be useful, “but there are no specific studies to document its benefits or safety. The donation will help implement a research program, with a clinical trial and fundamental studies to find out if the cannabidiol trail is interesting.

The medical cannabis research center, established in 2000, has already worked on the use of therapeutic cannabis for chronic pain.

Alcohol is more harmful to the brain than cannabis

Neurology – In today’s global context, where the legalization of cannabis is increasingly an issue, a new American study suggests that regarding “brain health” alcohol is more dangerous than marijuana.

not a great mixThe problem of the legalization of cannabis leads the scientific community to conduct more and more studies on the dangers and benefits of cannabis. A team of researchers at the University of Colorado in the United States reviewed all available imaging data to analyze the effects of alcohol and cannabis on the brain. Their results suggest that regarding “brain health,” alcohol causes more harm than marijuana. These were published in the journal Addiction in August 2017.

Brain Effects Comparison

In their study, American researchers show the link between alcohol consumption and long-term changes in the structure of white and grey matter in the brain. On the other hand, about marijuana use, no significant long-term effects on brain structure are observed. In the United States, the number of people who used marijuana last month is estimated at 22.2 million, making it still illicit in most states the most commonly used drug.

Controversial results

booze or cannabisIn the United States, legalization for medical and recreational use has been expanded through changes in legislation, allowing researchers to conduct broader studies on the health effects of marijuana, both harmful and beneficial. However, the results reported in various studies differ: one establishes the link between marijuana use and increased risk of psychosis among adolescents, another relates to the possible prevention of a migraine by cannabinoids, and a third shows a link between marijuana use and reduced hippocampus volume.

Therefore, there is currently no consistency regarding effects on brain structures in these studies. However, researchers at the University of Colorado still point out that any reduction in the volume of white or gray matter in the brain can lead to changes in brain function.

NBA and Cannabis:A love story to come?

What if the NBA becomes the first pro league to encourage the use of therapeutic cannabis?

NBA and cannabisFor some years now, the NBA has been the US sports league that lives the most in its time. David Stern’s mandate set the stage. Silver’s, which began in 2014, could well break down the most persistent barriers to major social issues. The task is important. The times are complex in the United States, and you don’t upset a chessboard-like this in the blink of an eye. But the NBA has at least the merit of being on the progressive side.

In 2013, she promoted the coming-out of the first homosexual player in American professional sport, Jason Collins. The following year, a hunt for racist and discriminatory landlords led to the high-profile eviction of Donald Sterling, boss of the Los Angeles Clippers, and Bruce Levenson, boss of the Atlanta Hawks. A year later, the issue of domestic violence was at the center of the discussions, while the powerful NFL sister was stigmatized for her laxity on the subject. By 2016, Silver had dared to relocate the Charlotte All-Star Game just months before it was held, because an anti-LGBT law had been enacted in North Carolina.

Then, again in opposition to the very conservative NFL, the NBA accompanied and supported the players who wanted to express their anger at police violence and discrimination against the African-American community. While the Commish expressed the wish that players should not kneel during the anthem, he encouraged them to show their interest in the cause. Finally, the league has consistently supported its members in their fierce criticism of Donald Trump, including the choice of the Golden State Warriors not to go to the White House to celebrate their title in the traditional manner.

JR is a notorious smoker

JR is a notorious smoker

Today, it is a different and potentially thorny issue that the institution must address. Again, the idea is to be ahead of the curve and deal with social reality, while at the same time keeping up with health issues. While more and more states across the country have relaxed their stance on cannabis, voices are raising to make its use legal in NBA. Caution, however. This is strictly therapeutic cannabis. The NBA cannot afford to be considered nirvana for recreational drug enthusiasts after having put in place ruthless regulations to eliminate the scourge of hard drugs in the 1980s.

Marijuana is not a hard drug, and its effects are obviously out of proportion to the damage caused by cocaine, for example. We remember the truncated careers of John Drew or David Thompson, stars in their time, because of their addiction. However, the NBA remains cautious with the image that its actors must convey. It’s safe to say that no player will ever have a blankseed to get stoned at the matches or even have an uncomplicated consumption off the pitch.

For the time being, however, the penalties for offenders are more of a slap on the wrist than a huge slap on the wrist. It is only after a third positive test for cannabis that a basketball player is usually suspended and never for more than five matches. A sign that the authority is aware of reality.

Cannabis and the Elderly

A recent body of scientific evidence suggests that cannabis may protect old brains from senescence.

We are still a long way from being done with cannabis. In France, Europe’s largest consumer, the government refuses to consider decriminalisation and limits itself to future changes in police sanctions against the less fortunate – or most disadvantaged – users. As for its therapeutic use, it is always improbably prohibited.

At the same time, new scientific perspectives are emerging, promising new medical indications. A possible scientific, medical and pharmaceutical revolution.

Essential endocannabinoid system

However, the January issue of Médecine/Sciences does not fail to surprise. Almost everything happens here in the “endocannabinoid system”. Cannabinoids are a group of chemicals that activate in the human body and in mammals of eponymous receptors. The best known of the cannabinoids is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), one of the psychoactive principles of the cannabis plant.

The endocannabinoid system consists of all the cannabinoid receptors (classified into two categories: CB1, present in the central nervous system and CB2, in different parts of the body), to which specific molecules produced within the body or brought in from outside – in particular cannabis THC – bind.

Beyond this action, the endocannabinoid system seems to be directly involved in many functions essential to the homeostasis of the body as a whole. There is much evidence to suggest that the current data are only fragmentary, foreshadowing a future reading of human life.

Watch this quick documentary to find more!

5 Proven Health Benefits of Using Cannabis CBD

Do you want to know the health benefits of cannabis CBD? Cannabidiol (CBD) has become one of the most potent supplements which have anti-inflammatory properties and the ability to deal with many previously untreatable medical conditions and diseases. Remember it’s different from cannabis THC.

For many people facing health issues, consulting their doctor about the use of CBD could be the beginning of improved health. However, there is the need for additional research, although available evidence shows that the administration of this product results in significant health benefits. In this post, we’ll look at five health benefits of Cannabis CBD.

1. Cancer

One disease that CBD can help patients deal with is cancer. For instance, studies have shown that the use of this product results enables patients to experience relief if they have issues such as colon cancer, leukemia and cervical cancer cells.

When combined with treatment therapies, cannabinoids can enhance the care of patients with prostate or breast cancer. Products which have CBD as an ingredient can reduce pain, inflammation and appetite loss. It means one should consult their doctor to know if the use of this product may be the best choice.

2. Pain

One result of using CBD is it induces a relaxing and soothing drowsy effect, meaning it may be the best alternative to Opioid. Studies have shown it reduces pain for chronic inflammatory conditions and other forms of suffering. When combined with THC or taken alone, it can help patients to manage back issues and arthritis.

3. Depression and Anxiety

Keep in mind anxiety and depressions are two different conditions. However, CBD can help patients to correct imbalances in their brain’s neurotransmitter system. For example, the cannabinoids can match the endocannabinoids to ensure a smooth flow of electric signals.

The result is the triggering of the serotonin and dopamine which influence a person’s mood. Studies have found that the results are reasonable measures against panic attacks and anxiety, PTSD, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. The CBD can also mitigate the panic brought about by the use of massive THC doses.

4. Heart Problems

The use of CBD causes the dilation of a person’s arteries, meaning that patients with heart problems should consider using it. It reduces the threat posed by blocked blood vessels. Remember that the dilation of an individual’s artery lowers blood pressure. The increase in blood flow affects white blood cell production, meaning improved health benefits.

5. Inflammation

The swelling of muscles and nerves results in pain. The causes of these include injuries, chronic conditions and infection. The use of CBD has been found to have robust and distinct anti-inflammatory abilities. When smoked as marijuana, applied as topicals, or consumed as edibles, it enables patients to experience relief.


The use of CBD provides patients with relief from the above conditions. If you plan on using this product, consult your doctor to know if you qualify and ensure you take the correct amount of doses for the best outcome. Remember many states have legalized the use of medical marijuana, which means you should make sure you ask for advice on whether it can help you deal with painful conditions, depression and anxiety.

Cannabis Industry in The US

For the longest time cannabis has been banned in many countries due to the effect it causes to human beings. It is termed as a drug since the presence of THC in the plant consists of high psychoactive effect which affects the normal functioning of human’s brains. With time a lot of physicians have done different researchers regarding the plant where it was discovered that some components from the plant have significant benefits to human beings health in general. One of the most significant components extracted from marijuana is CBD. CBD has no psychoactive effect on human brains and instead to improves the body well being. After several tests on animals and human beings, CBD was legalized in the US. Other places where the use of cannabis is legal to include Colorado, Maine, California and also Nevada just to name a few.

Rules governing the use of marijuana in the US

Although the use of marijuana has been legalized due to various health benefits, the use and possessions are hugely governed by the American FDA. First off for a patient to access the treatment of marijuana they have to have a recommendation letter or the marijuana card from the doctor. The Doctor screens and tests the patient to know if he or she is fit to receive the medical marijuana treatment and if the results are positive, the patient is issued with a marijuana card which allows them to receive treatments from any pharmacy.

Other rules that governed the use of marijuana in US include :

  • The edible products that are made with cannabis must be produced in small servings of not more than 100 ml of THC.
  • Only a person with a card or the recommendation letter from the doctor or the local authority should receive medical marijuana treatment.
  •  The medical marijuana card is renewed every year, and once it expires, the patient cannot be given any medication until they replace it.
  • Also, no cannabis business should be established near any school or academic institution.

Some patients are allowed to grow marijuana plants at home, but they should not exceed more than 12 plants.

Benefits associated with the use of Cannabis

Cannabis is used for treating a wide range of diseases like :

Relief pains

Patients suffering from chronic diseases and other pains are treated with the use of marijuana.


CBD from cannabis is filled with relaxing and soothing effects which enable a person to have a relaxed mind thus allowing you to sleep well at night.


People suffering from HIV/AID and cancer are also prescribed with medical marijuana dosage to increase their appetite.

Social anxiety

If you are unable to give a speech in front of large crowds, you can ease the anxiety by having a dosage of cannabis prescribed to you. Research shows that CBD improves the courage of an individual with about 90 percent thus enabling them to speak well.


Although FDA has not entirely legalized the use of cannabis in the US and its environs, the drug can still be used for various medical purposes as long it does not have the presence of the THC. The patients have to be tested and vetted by a doctor before they are issued with a card for accessing the treatment from the different medical outlets in the US.

Benefits of Cannabidiol in Marijuana

Cannabidiol is commonly referred to as CBD. It is one of the chemical compounds that is found in the marijuana plant. Medical marijuana is a term that is used to refer to the cannabis that is recommended by doctors for the treatment of various conditions and ailments. If the cannabis is not being used to treat any diseases or illnesses, it is no longer medical marijuana.

Medical marijuana is widely used all over the world under the strict legal framework for various medicinal purposes.

cbd extract in bottle

cbd extract in bottle

There are hundreds of cannabinoids available in the marijuana plant. Each of the cannabinoids has a different effect on the patient’s body. In most of the researches that have been conducted the Cannabidiol chemical has been discovered to provide a lot of health benefits for most of the patients. That is the primary reason why medicinal marijuana has gained a lot of popularity in most countries. The following are the significant benefits that Cannabidiol in therapeutic marijuana offers.

This plant can be used to cure a lot of severe ailments that cannot be treated by the over-the-counter drugs. Some of these diseases include; asthma, epilepsy, cancer, hepatitis, Seizures and HIV/AIDS. The patients who are suffering from these ailments are advised to use medicinal cannabis safely according to the prescriptions of the doctor. With the right measures, medicinal marijuana offers a lot of benefits to the body of the patient.

Another health benefit of using medicinal marijuana is that the Cannabidiol helps in losing weight. It works by regulating insulin production in the human body. Medical marijuana also assists in managing the daily intake of calories in the best way possible. If you observe, you will notice that the people who consume medicinal marijuana are slimmer than those who do not. Medicinal marijuana is also known for improving the body metabolism of the patient.

Another health benefit of CBD is that it helps in reducing anxiety and depression. According to recent research, marijuana helps to improve the patient’s mood. The study has also shown that the medicinal plant can act as a mild sedative. If your mind is filled with anxiety and depression, this is the best plant to use.

The Cannabidiol in the medicinal marijuana is also a good choice for relaxation.

The patients who are suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder are advised to use the therapeutic cannabis. It helps to relieve the stress that is associated with this condition.

Cannabis plant

Cannabis plant

CBD is also known to treat eye disorders. Medicinal marijuana has been used for years now to treat glaucoma. It is a disorder that causes pressure in the eyeball, and if it is not treated quickly, it can result in blindness. Each one of us needs their eyes. The Cannabidiol works by reducing the pressure and revives normal eyesight. This method of treatment is healthy and does not have the chemicals that could cause adverse effects such as those in the over-the-counter drugs.

Another benefit of Cannabidiol is its ability to improve the mood of those who are taking it. It means that if your friend or family member is suffering from mood swings, you can advise them to consume marijuana. The Cannabidiol in the cannabis will ensure they will remain happy all day long.

Inflammation disorders can also be suppressed using CBD. Therefore, if you are suffering from such a condition, it is essential to talk to your doctor about the possibility of getting some Hemp oil.

CBD in medicinal marijuana is also known to increase mental creativity. It is the best option for the people who are having challenges focusing on their jobs. People who take it even perform better in tests.

Medicinal marijuana does not pose any health risks to the patient if they are taken according to the physician’s prescription. The medicinal cannabis comes in different forms. People who have been ordered by the doctors to take it can either smoke it or consume it in the form of a pill. CBD can also be refined and consumed as Hemp oil in the form of perfumes, ointments or even liquids. Taking the Cannabidiol in the medicinal cannabis is one of the best tricks to naturally having a good life.

Welcome to the Sensible Seattle Initiative

Sensible Seattle Initiative would make marijuana possession by adults Seattle’s lowest enforcement priority. The measure would also require the Seattle Police and City Attorney to report all marijuana arrests and prosecutions to an 11-member panel which then reports to the Seattle City Council.

Adults who possess marijuana for personal use aren’t part of the crime problem in Seattle and they don’t deserve to go to jail. Arresting them is a waste of our law enforcement resources and tax dollars that should be spent fighting dangerous crime.

Yes I 75Students who have been convicted of even simple marijuana possession are routinely denied education loans and individuals in minority neighborhoods are unfairly subjected to “drug profiling.”

By passing I-75, Seattle voters will establish sound local law enforcement practices and ensure that Washington State’s future is on the right track for a sensible marijuana policy!

Dear Supporter,

YOUR HELP IS NEEDED RIGHT NOW TO GET I-75 ON THE BALLOT! The campaign must pay for printing, staffing, and other essentials. Can you make a donation to the Sensible Seattle Coalition to support this historic initiative? There are other ways you can help the I-75 campaign, such as volunteering to go out and gather signatures. Thank you for your support.


The Sensible Seattle Coalition

The Sensible Seattle Coalition has been endorsed by:

  • League of Women Voters
  • Jeanne Kohl-Welles, State Senator
  • Nick Licata, Seattle City Councilmember
  • Judy Nicastro, Seattle City Councilmember
  • Larry Gossett, King County Councilmember
  • Roger Goodman, King County Bar Association Drug Policy Project
  • Green Party of Seattle
  • King County Young Democrats
  • 36th District Green Party
  • Seattle Gay News
  • Humanists of Washington
  • Joe McGee, Executive Director IFPTE 17
  • Ruth Bennett, Candidate for 37th Dist. State Rep.
  • Robert Hill
  • John Rothschild
  • Cleveland Stockmeyer, Attorney
  • Richard Smith, Attorney
  • Kirk W. Robbins
  • Jacqueline Bartells, Executive Director Libertarian Party of WA
  • Chris Caputo
  • Garett Sweany
  • Tim Hinderliter
  • Jim Smith
  • Suzanna I Eskola
  • Darren Bisset, Research Scientist, UW
  • Yaron Goland
  • Marie Garrett
  • Rachel Kurtz
  • Dan Merkle, attorney
  • John Hayden
  • Walt Stawicki
  • Jeffrey Steinborn, attorney
  • Alison Holcomb, attorney
  • George Guttmann
  • Rick Poulin
  • Carla Cole